Applying For The Payoneer US Payment Service

Applying For The Payoneer US Payment Service :

So, what is The Payoneer US Payment Service? The Payoneer US Payment Service was designed to allow payees world-wide to receive payments from US corporations initiated through the ACH network (Automated Clearing House).The US Payment Service allows Payoneer cardholders to receive money into their Payoneer accounts directly from selected United States based companies where they can receive money to their virtual Payoneer bank account via a bank transfer (called ACH transfer). PayPal Inc. As a Payoneer partner is one of the US based companies Payoneer approve transferring money from it.

Your US Payment Service can be used to receive ACH/ Direct Deposit payments from select companies, including PayPal, Amazon, Skrill (Moneybookers), and more!

Users who are in possession of the Payoneer Pre-Paid Debit Card obteined via an affiliated Payoneer user are automatically elegible to apply for the Payoneer US Payment Service after filling an online form sent by an email to the Payoneer user requesting him to to open a Virtual US Account. 

Steps to Apply for US Payment Service :

If you are a Payoneer approved applicant, you are automatically eligible for the virtual bank account service. You will be contacted by their customer service via an email requesting to fill a form in order to activate your US Payment Service.  The form as mentioned above requests the following : a scanned color ID, personal website (if any), the applicant service categorie (webdesigner, freelancer, online marketer…). Also they will inquire about the services that one currently offers or intend to give on the internet . The name of the company (e.g PayPal) that users intend to receive payments from is required, then the applicant is asked to agree with the Payoneer terms and conditions. After approving your request you will get the Name and the adress of the Virtual US Bank,  the account number and the routing number. All data can be accessed via the user account panel.
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