Funding Your Payoneer Account

Funding Your Payoneer Account

Funding Your Payoneer Account:

As a Payoneer cardholder you can receive payments through the other Payoneer cardholders whether it’s a friend wanting to send you money, a parent helping out, or a customer making a payment, the Private Load service makes receiving money easy. And with all your money safely in one place, you’re free to get on with your day and you can load your card and receive private loads from anyone worldwide via Visa/MasterCard®. or through the Payoneer partners like : Odesk, Elance, LimeExchange or Smowtion, just sign in to your online account with the partner and select Payoneer as your payment method.

The Payoneer Private Load service at a glance:
** Private Loads can be made by anyone
** The Payoneer international prepaid card must be valid and active in order to receive Private Loads
** The daily Private Load limit for a Payoneer account is $1,000
** Private loads take up to 2 working days to be processed and loaded onto a card
** Private Loads may be made via credit/debit Visa or MasterCard® cards, or a US Bank account (for US cardholders only).
** Private Loads are processed on an individual basis, pending approval by Payoneer’s Payment Approval Department.

Another payment solution is to get paid with the US Payment Service, the US account and routing number linked to your card will allow you to receive US ACH/Direct Deposit transfers from selected US corporations, including PayPal, Amazon, Apple and more!
Strict security rules and regulations are imposed by Payoneer and MasterCard® to prevent all fraud mean money stays safe and secure
Payoneer cardholders can use their funds in stores, online or ATMs that accept MasterCard®

Tutorial on how to load/send fund using Payoneer Private Load :

Step 1: Go to and log in your account, scroll down, you will see a banner like this then hit Learn more :

You will be rediricted to this page   (you can access this page directly)

Step 2: As you can see it, there are two options to transfer funds.You can load to the Card by Card Number (reciever's payoneer card number) or by Card holders Email address(Reciever's email address used in Payoneer). you can check "Make it a recurrent Payment" if you need.

Enter the Email address that the card holder used for registering with Payoneer or enter the full Payoneer card number (16 digits), then enter the amount to load and the reason of loading then choose who pays the transaction fee.

Click on Continue to ckeckout the order then confirm the transaction

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