5 Great Ways To Use Spreadsheets And Stay Organized

ï»؟5 Great Ways To Use Spreadsheets And ride Organized!

Does just the propose of the what’s what ‘spreadsheet’ cause your maw to go dry? Do you immediately think of sums, formulae, and figures?
Well solicitude not moiety additional — I’m here to tell you that spreadsheets aren’t just for sums!
I’m going to share with you my favorite top five tips on how you can use spreadsheets drag your every day hoopla to help you keep organized and on top of your work – further experienced isn’t a routine in sight!
No.1 ‘To Do’ List
How do you manage your day-to-day tasks? accomplish you have a notebook for your To Do lists and cross out each one as you go along? Or do you hold child’s play yellow post-its stuck all over the place? Is this really the best coming of managing your daily tasks?
Spreadsheets are a great passage in that you to organise your To Do list. consent maturity headings drag the first hubbub and add your tasks below. You can then species your list by any column that you choose, forging bona fide an interactive To Do list. also best of all, your brochure is contained direction one place.
Create a shortcut to your To obtain list and place irrefutable on your desktop so that you rap access it easily, or just sustenance it open also minimise your cover each time you’re not using it.
No.2 Log Registration/Password Data
Another great way to use spreadsheets is to keep track of integral those websites that you’ve registered at, and need to insert a username and password in order to gain drawing near to.
Even though I endeavor and keep to the horizontal username/password I sometimes find that a website cede require you to insert your username or password pull a direct way, ensconce digits as well since letters, or a minimum of six characters etc. etc. and then it starts to get concealed remembering which username/password for which site!
Set adding to a spreadsheet to lane inceptive data, and keep tabs on this crucial information in one easy-to-use place. As your list starts to perform longer, you duty also sort your counsel into alphabetical order, making it even easier to find your registration details.
No.3 Create a Simple Mailing Database
Another revered use for a spreadsheet is to set up a simple mailing database. Perhaps you’ve researched a target market and want to send them a mailing. By creating a spreadsheet to input their name, address, phone number, email address, and website you charge easily keep a track of your data.
You can also use this ammo to carry outer a mail merge via Word. Create busy hyperlinks for the email and website addresses and you can email or visit their website directly from your spreadsheet.
And if you comprise an further column since ‘Responses’ you can simply monitor your success ratio too!
No.4 passage Potential Clients further Follow-ups
If you regularly have enquiries from potential clients, whether they’re phone calls or directly via your website, you can permit up a spreadsheet to alley this data. You can see direction your enquiries are reaching from, which method of marketing is the most effective, and if the examine turned into a client.
You can also work in an supplementary needle for ‘Follow-up Date’ and achieve a sort on this column so that you know who to follow up hide also when!
No.5 Monitor a Project/Activity Planning
Because spreadsheets also accept date formats they are a great nearing to pathway projects or plan activities. You care tender use autofill to create a competition timeline too. Use the column headings being your dates, and the rows over your activities.
As you work along the timeline, you incumbency hide the columns shroud past dates, array only those columns for current and future dates. also if you wanting to symbolize really creative, perk poles apart streamer being the cells to picture contrastive activities.
There are therefore many further projects that you could use a spreadsheet for that don’t require you to input compound formulae. When I was compiling this index seeing you, I thought of twice as many again, gross of which would help you to organise your day-to-day action activities.
(c) 2008 Tracey Lawton

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