Guest WiFi Solutions Manama Bahrain

guest wifi solutions bahrain

Guest WiFi Solutions in Bahrain

Guest WiFi is a highly potential marketing tool. Allowing your customers to access free internet will help you gather customer data like email, phone number, social media id etc. which can be utilized to run targeted marketing campaigns. Guest WiFi solutions not only help you retain your customers but also help you promote your business to unimaginable levels.

Guest WiFi is a powerful marketing tool

Plenty of marketing features and analytics that can be utilized to increase your revenue.

Grow your database

Guests sign up on your WiFi network, they automatically opt-in for marketing. Our WiFi solutions collect their data like name, location, age, gender etc. Also social media logins help in collecting user interests and behavior those are added to your CRM.

Start your marketing campaigns

-Targeted email marketing
-User feedback and surveys
-Re-target users with digital ads

Get to know your customers

Gather data like name, age, interests etc. from Facebook, Twitter etc. This can again be used for targeted marketing campaigns.

Real-Time engagement with customers/guests

Customers can be targeted as and when they enter your venue, during their stay at your hotel. Location based tracking will help you engage with your customers real-time. 

Reports/Management Dashboard

Continuously monitor guest activities in WiFi, manage bandwidth. Draw detailed report of customers/guests reflecting their age, demographics, interests, activities etc.

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