Networking | Routing And Switching | Tutorial 4 | 2018

Welcome to my 4th new tutorial of the series of networking. In this blog you'll the content about network switches. You'll learn about how to make a communication successful and secure in the same network (LAN) by using STP. As Spanning tree protocol (STP) we used in multi-switched networks. Why we use this protocol in multi-switched network etc.

What is Switch? 

A switch is an intelligent device used to connect multiple devices within the same network. The intelligence of is that it requires Media Access Control (MAC) address for communication and doesn't allow broadcast.  Let's understand the whole thing by a little example, consider there is a network having 3 end devices name Device-A, Device-B,Device-C connected with each other respectively with the help of switch. When a Device-A sends data to Device-C so that data will only forwarded by switch to Device-C not to Device-B.

What is Media Access Control (MAC) address?

A Media Access Control (MAC) address is 48-bit unique physical address given to network interface controller (NIC) or network adapter, for communication within the same network which is given by its manufacturer. It is made up of hexadecimal numbers like a1:b1:cc:ac:2e:f1.

What is STP?

STP stands for Spanning tree protocol which is basically used in bridge and switches to prevent loops when you have a redundant links in the Ethernet networks. If the loop is present in the Ethernet network so the whole network will suffer because there will MAC instability in the MAC table,  duplicate frames generation and so on. Let's move to the video for further detail.

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