Router-Exploit-Shovel: An Automated Application Generator For Stack Overflow Types On Wireless Routers

About Router-Exploit-Shovel
   Router-Exploit-Shovel is an automated application generation for Stack Overflow types on Wireless Routers.

   Router exploits shovel is an automated application generation tool for stack overflow types on wireless routers. The tool implements the key functions of exploits, it can adapt to the length of the data padding on the stack, generate the ROP chain, generate the encoded shellcode, and finally assemble them into a complete attack code. The user only needs to attach the attack code to the overflow location of the POC to complete the Exploit of the remote code execution.

   The tool supports MIPSel and MIPSeb.Run on Ubuntu 16.04 64bit.

Router-Exploit-Shovel's Installation
   Open your Terminal and enter these commands:

   Example: python3 -b test_binaries/mipseb-httpd -l test_binaries/ -o 0x00478584

Router-Exploit-Shovel's screenshot

Code structure

ROP chain generation
   This tool uses pattern to generate ROP chains. Extract patterns from common ROP exploitation procedure. Use regex matching to find available gadgets to fill up chain strings. Base64 encoding is to avoid duplicate character escapes. For example:

   You can get attackblocks generated in results/attackBlocks.txt. Such as:

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