Networking | Switching And Routing | Tutorial 3 | 2018

Welcome to my 3rd new tutorial of networking (Routing and Switching). In this blog you will able to watch an interesting video about basic device navigation such as changing device (router or switch) name, configuration of login password, configuring a device information, router IP addresses and many more.

What is router?

Router is a network layer device which is the 3rd layer in the OSI model which is used to communicate different networks. It is an intelligent device fixed at the boundary of network that connects to other networks and responsible for end to end delivery of the packet that requires an IP address which is known as the logical address which is the basic identity of the device just like our identity card number or roll number and so on, for the identification of source and destination devices. Router is the gateway of the network having two interfaces such as inbound and the outbound interface through which the traffic comes in from different networks and comes out traffic to the different networks.

What is an IP address?

Internet protocol (IP) address is a numeric label given to each and every device in the network for the identification of the device just like our roll numbers in collages, universities which identity each and every student uniquely everywhere. So same concept here, it is a logical address which is used whenever the device want to communicate outside the network that means to another network.

What is Switch?

Switch is basically layer 2 device, which is used to connect two or more than two devices with each other in the same network. It is an intelligent device which doesn't allow the broadcast. It requires Media access control (MAC) address to communicate within the network. Now let's move to the video for further.

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