Osueta: A Simple Python Script To Exploit The OpenSSH User Enumeration Timing Attack

About Osueta?
   Osueta it's a simple Python 2 script to exploit the OpenSSH User Enumeration Timing Attack, present in OpenSSH versions <= 7.2 and >= 5.*. The script has the ability to make variations of the username employed in the bruteforce attack, and the possibility to establish a DoS condition in the OpenSSH server.

    Read more: OpenSSH User Enumeration Time-Based Attack

   The bug was corrected in OpenSSH version 7.3.

   Authors of Osueta:

Osueta's Installation
   For Linux users, open your Terminal and enter these commands:
   If you're Windows users, follow these steps:
  • Install Python 2.7.x from Python.org first. On Install Python 2.7.x Setup, choose Add python.exe to Path.
  • Download Osueta-master zip file.
  • Then unzip it.
  • Open CMD or PowerShell window at the Osueta folder you have just unzipped and enter these commands:
    pip install python-nmap paramiko IPy
    python osueta.py -h

Advice: Like others offensive tools, the authors disclaims all responsibility in the use of this script.

Osueta help menu:

Osueta's examples:
   A single user enumeration attempt with username variations:
python2 osueta.py -H -p 22 -U root -d 30 -v yes

   A single user enumeration attempt with no user variations a DoS attack:
python2 osueta.py -H -p 22 -U root -d 30 -v no --dos yes

   Scanning a C class network with only one user:
python2 osueta.py -H -p 22 -U root -v no 

   Scanning a C class network with usernames from a file, delay time 15 seconds and a password of 50000 characters:
python2 osueta.py -H -p 22 -L usernames.txt -v yes -d 15 -l 50

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