Lance Muir's Witch's Den And Tank Shooter Game.

Show-casing work from our first year students on the UCLan Games Design course. This selection is from Lance Muir who has now completed his first year of study on our games design course.

The first image is a selection of 3D props that Lance created in Autodesk Maya and textured in Adobe Photoshop.
The Diorama scene is a Witch's Den populated with 3D props that are textured in Adobe Photoshop and also baked in Substance Painter to
create normal maps for additional layered materials.

You can see more of Lance's work in 360 view here: SketchFab

Also try Lance Muir's Helicopter & Tank Shooter Game.

First year students were asked to design digitally painted animated sprites
and import them into Construct 3 to create a top down shooter game.

The brief involved the following criteria:

Learning Outcomes
· Use of alpha channels and seamless texturing in Photoshop
· Develop digital painting techniques
· Generate assets for a top down shooter game
· Develop skills and knowledge of the Construct 3 software engine

· Generate 1 player and 1 enemy sprite using digital painting
   techniques and alpha channels.
· Explore the process of creating a game from the top down view.
· Design a repeat pattern floor to act as a backdrop for your character
· Import your designed assets into Construct 3 and add events and
   interactivity using visual programming to create a working game.

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