how to earn 25$ for free with payoneer ?

Payoneer is an internet-based financial services business which allows users to transfer money and receive payments through re-loadable prepaid MasterCard debit card. The company focuses on a specific payment solutions, particularly affiliate, bulk payments, Local Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), a merchant account and payment programs in countries with underdeveloped banking system.

Payoneer is a registered Member Service Provider (MSP) of MasterCard worldwide. The company is headquartered in New York City with R & D offices in Petah Tikva, Israel. Payoneer has received venture funding from Greylock Partners, Carmel Ventures, and Crossbar Capital.
Online Payment Services

Debit MasterCard; A prepaid debit card is accepted in 210 countries.
Virtual Card; Virtual Card is a non-physical that Allows card payments online or mail order.
Local Bank Transfer; This service Allows users to transfer funds to bank accounts in local currency.
International Checks; Payoneer provides services for international checks in local currency.
Local e-Wallets

Payoneer affiliate is an affiliate program of Payoneer. Everyone who signed up payooner, they will get a quote from Payoneer to become their affiliates. This is one way to promote payoneer mereka.Orang the affiliate program and promote Payoneer Payoneer through their affiliate link, then Payoneer will give commission to be deposited in their Payoneer account.

How to get payoneer affiliate
To get your affiliate link Payoneer is not difficult. All you have to do is sign up to their afilasi program. You can sign up through your affiliate link my payoneer click here or here, if you will forgive. The amount of commission per affiliate Payoneer is USD 25. This commission will be paid only if the people who sign up through your affiliate link we already have a deposit on their account at least USD 100. Another plus is the man who became our downline also will get USD 25 (If I am not misinterpreting). English in the email is You will each earn $ 25. Payoneer registration fee is free
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