Thundering Hooves In The Valley

"and on the right the veteran Rossius, Lord of Belmontia stood surrounded by his bold horsemen"

Today's game with the Greenwood Wargamers was a live test of Jeff's Huzzah game: Gaugamela!  using the Epic C&C Ancients system.

It was good to see some familiar faces on the table. Well good to see the ones around it too but Jeff kindly gave a home to what was left of my 25mm Persian and Greek armies.  Now refurbished and based up for C&C they have joined with his forces and are marching off to war again, a sight to gladden the heart.

The game was enjoyable and at one point late in the day we had victory within our grasp with just a little luck but the luck didn't come, Alexander came instead!

If you're going to be at Huzzah! and like Ancients, check Jeff's game out!

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